Tim O’Connor

About Tim

Tim, the Founder and CEO of Retail Performance Solutions,  has 40+ years of marketing and sales experience. During that time Tim developed his marketing and sales experience at Scott Paper, Arquest and Diageo PLC as well as Cannondale Associates and his own firm.

Since the start of his career as a financial analyst with ARCATA, an early KKR buyout company where transformative thinking and planning was key to surviving double digit interest rates, Tim has learned to leverage insights from different perspectives and disciplines across branding, product development, trade marketing, sales strategy, and business transformation.

In 2003 Tim founded RPS and in 2007 Tim was a cofounder in forming RetailNet Group now Edge by Ascential.  Tim continues to develop his expertise in marketing and strategy and also gives back by service on a number of advisory boards and non-profit boards.

Tim graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Applied Economics and Biology and has an MBA in Strategic Planning and Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Tim resides along the water in Bridgeport, Connecticut.