Boris Planer

About Boris

Boris Planer is an analyst and consultant with 25 years of experience in retail, FMGC, consumer trends and the future of the industry. He has worked at Retail Intelligence (now part of Mintel), Planet Retail / Edge by Ascential and WGSN. Having built macroeconomic and retail-focused forecasting models that allow for undistorted global benchmarking of investment opportunities, his work on the rise of emerging markets, megacities, new consumer behaviours, future market disruption and revolutionary business models has helped clients spot and take opportunities across Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

He is a regular media commentator and public speaker, with views published in Handelsblatt, The Economist, The Financial Times, BBC, Retail Week, Lebensmittel Zeitung, Lebensmittel Praxis and others. Boris has been speaking at industry events including the World Retail Congress, Retail Week Live, Eurocis, Germany’s Supermarket of the Year, as well as a number of local industry events across Asia, Africa and Latin America.