Dušan Poznanović

About Dušan

Mr. Dušan Poznanović has more than 40 years of experience in the IT sector as a developer, system architect, project manager, and company manager. Mr. Poznanović, together with Mr. Predrag Rajačić, co-founded the company Belit in 2000. The company has brought together IT experts with significant experience in the field of banking and financial markets, and developed electronic services that significantly improve existing services and processes, and enable implementation of completely new services in the field of banking and finance.

Focusing on the financial sector and technical support to the Association of Serbian Banks, for which the projects of the Interbank Foreign Exchange Market, the Interbank Cash Market and the Credit Bureau were developed and maintained, brought the implementation of these services in all domestic banks. Moreover, many services for state administration and economy have been developed and implemented in Serbia, as well as internationally. The focus of Belit’s business in last few years are research and development projects in the sectors of health care, social care and energy efficiency. The use of new technologies supports the postulate of Mr. Rajačić – to be up to date in order for products to be competitive.