Marc Houppermans

About Marc

Marc is co-founder and a Managing Partner at DRC Discount Retail Consulting GmbH. Marc is currently serving on the board at DARY, an e-commerce discount platform venture powered by DSV – Global Transport & Logistics and adviser at EBRD. For 13 years, which is the bulk of his career up until 2019, He worked at Aldi, a privately held, German-headquartered global discount chain retailer with operations in 19 countries covering Europe, USA and Asia.

​Before Marc became Managing Director and member of the Aldi Board of Directors in the Netherlands, he occupied various leading positions throughout the German Aldi organisation. In the role of Managing Director, which he held for 10 years, Marc was fully responsible for the company’s P&L, implementing tactical and strategic decisions, expanding and refurbishing the Aldi network, increasing the market share, and strengthening the competitive position of the company. In this role he led a team of professionals responsible for Buying and Private Label development, Sales & Operations, Finance & Accounting (including HR and IT), Supply chain,  Real Estate & Business Development.

In the role of Dutch Board Director, Marc was responsible for the development and decision-making of tactical and strategic policies. Some of his main projects at Aldi were developing and implementing the new international Aldi Instore discount concept, including the technical equipment and the merchandise processes.

Marc started his career, in 1999, as Business Manager at Philips Medical in Tokyo after his MBA study in the Netherlands and Japan. Thereafter, in 2001, he became consultant at KPMG for Sustainability Reporting in the Netherlands, after which he made a switch to Philips Automotive N.V. in Germany. As a certified lean black belt manager for global OEM & Aftermarket,  Marc led various complex business development projects. These international projects gave Marc the opportunity to travel intensively in Europe and the USA.

​Marc has developed 20 years of broad interdisciplinary and international  leadership experience,  and he is seasoned in leading tactical, strategical and operational business development projects to a success.

​Marc is fluent in Dutch, English, and German. He also speaks basic French and Japanese.